Our services

Consulting and Planning

  • Determine current energy consumption
  • Realize energy efficiency potential
  • Determine the efficiency status of technical systems
  • Energy saving potential with and without investments
  • Energy assessment of lighting, ventilation, cooling, IT, buildings, etc.
  • Economic efficiency assessment (ROI)
Your benefits
  • Immediate savings with no investments
  • Integral building assessment (from the facade to lamps)
  • Fast assessment of unrealized energy saving potential
  • Compliance with legal regulations (2014 Energy Saving Ordinance)
  • Determination of technical optimisation potential
  • Documentation of the current system state
  • Inspection of existing cooling and ventilation systems
  • Determination of the current state of systems technology
  • Energy-oriented inspection report including recommended actions
Your benefits
  • Avoiding fines for failing to comply with EnEV 2014 (Energy Saving Ordinance)
  • Improved efficiency of systems technology
  • Current documentation of the system state
  • Holistic sustainability concept
  • Development of a sustainability strategy
  • Building the basis for sustainability reports
  • Ensuring access to affordable, sustainable and contemporary energy sources
  • Reducing energy and resource consumption
  • Generating cost savings
Your benefits
  • Improved image to stakeholders
  • Support for environmentally friendly business management
  • Compliance with legal regulations (EnEV 2014)