Our services

Implementation and Operation

  • Structural and building services engineering improvement of energy efficiency in existing buildings
  • Obtaining an energy certificate
  • Energy state of technology for the properties
  • Improvement of property comfort
  • Energy-efficient building operation
Your benefits
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Lower energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced heat losses through environmentally friendly buildings
  • Energetic optimization of the organization
  • Integration of newest technology
  • Transition to sustainable energy solutions
  • Use of intelligent and network technology
  • Implementation of innovative area-wide solutions
  • Reduction of energy consumtion due to new tecnologies
Your benefits
  • Ensure competitive adventures
  • Transparency of energy consumtion and energy flow
  • Greater control and backup of data quality
  • Fit for future
  • Providing transparency of energy consumption as basis for management actions
  • Continuous monitoring of energy consumption and use
  • Derivation of business management optimization strategies
  • Consumption data recording with intelligent measuring technology
  • Visualization of load peaks and consumtion using energy management software
  • Punctual and complete data delivery
Your benefits
  • Comprehensive management information (individual and automated analyses and reports, projections etc.)
  • Budget monitoring, controlling of measures, billing transparency
  • Basis for energy management according to ISO 50001 or energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1

Professional Video Conference Systems

  • Use of multimedia conference systems
  • Meetings in HD quality across locations
  • Simplification of communication structures
  • Stationary connectivity
  • Excellent voice and image quality
  • Integration of multimedia tools
Your benefits
  • Fuel & resource savings (lower travel costs)
  • Improved efficiency (work-life balance)
  • Short term online meeting